Damp Proofing

peeling wallpaper, musty smells and poor health, contact the North east damp proofing experts

If you wish to avoid damp, peeling wallpaper, musty smells and poor health then the most important thing you can do for your property is damp proofing.  As the North West and North East damp proofing specialists, P. Moody Building Contracts are experts in finding the causes of damp in a property and then rectifying it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How do I know if I have Damp?

  • Here are a few tell-tale signs:
  • tidemarks on your walls
  • peeling wallpaper
  • damp patches and water stains
  • rotting skirting boards

will all indicate rising damp. Does this sound like your home?  We have been helping our customers solve their damp problems for over 35 years. 

Damp can affect all areas of your home

The areas of your home that can succumb to or let in damp are almost limitless. Stone, brick, plaster and timber are all porous materials through which water can penetrate, meaning that it is vital all new homes are given a thorough damp course (all new buildings in the UK will have a physical damp proof membrane installed at 150 mm up from external ground level.)  If you own an older property that doesn’t have an extensive damp course then don’t despair: Rising Damp, Penetrating Damp, Condensation, no matter how bad your damp problem, we can help.


If you think you have damp don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Survey, Inspect, Repair

The wide range of services and expertise we offer means that we can survey, inspect, and complete any necessary repairs to your property.  Using an electronic moisture meter we can check all possible causes of dampness in your home, including plumbing, external ground level, and condensation.  Penetrating damp due to defective water goods, condensation as a result of poor ventilation, and internal damp within walls are all common problems; they are also problems our North West specialists are experts at remedying.  Once our initial report is completed, we will be in a position to let you know the full extent of any remedial repair work you will need, and how much this recommended treatment will cost.

We understand that living in a home that has a damp problem can be a truly miserable experience, affecting your health and your quality of life.  That’s why we endeavour to work with our clients to isolate the cause of their damp problem and repair it as quickly as possible.


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We cover the whole of the North West, including Preston, Lancashire, Manchester and Liverpool, no matter where you are we can have an expert with you promptly and provide you with a full property damp report within 72 hours of our initial visit.

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