Dry Rot Treatment

Dry rot is ugly and dangerous but we can help!

Dry rot is ugly, dangerous to your property, and can cause serious health problems to the occupier too. Dry Rot is often referred to as “house cancer”. Dry rot may extend its “tentacles” up to a considerable distance in its’ search for moisture. If your home begins to develop Dry Rot then it’s important to get rid of it as quickly as you can.

Spot the Symptoms of Dry Rot

  • Timbers within your home cracking or shrinking,
  • Timber developing a grey film with patches of purple or yellow,
  • Timber covered in red or orange dust,
  • Finding orange spores

Dry rot can cause devastating structural damage to a property, so it’s important that when you spot the symptoms you get some help. At P. Moody Building Contracts we have years of experience in dealing with dry rot and fungal decay within the home, and we are committed to providing the best possible level of service to our clients.

If you have any of these symptoms its time to get in touch!


More Information

There are many reasons you might find dry rot in your home, such as dampness, leaking water, poor ventilation and a lack of proper home maintenance. The term ‘dry rot’ is commonly used to describe a fungal attack to timbers in buildings, and these attacks can cause huge amounts of damage. However, the name ‘dry rot’ can be rather misleading and inappropriate since like all wood destroying fungi it requires water for germination, growth and survival. Its important to note that dry rot usually has a cause, such as a broken gutter or leaking pipe or even such as a leak behind the shower, so as well as solving your rot problem at Peter Moody Building Contracts we will also seek to find the original cause of the rot, providing our clients with a long term solution they can be happy and confident with.   Find out more about us  

Could your property be suffering with Dry Rot?


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