Timber Infestation

infecting the timber and damaging its structural integrity

Woodworm is considered to be the worst thing that can happen to a property, infecting the timber and damaging its structural integrity.  At P. Moody Building Contracts we are experts in removing woodworm and controlling timber infestation at its source.

The five main sources of timber infestation in the UK

  • Common Furniture Beetle,
  • Death Watch Beetle,
  • Powder Post Beetles
  • House Longhorn Beetle
  • Wood Weevil. 

Each of these woodworm infestations can cause devastating damage to a property, and with a five year life cycle, once you have woodworm in your property, only a professional, expert team can remove it.



We work across the North East and North West to remove all trace of woodworm and timber infection for our clients, no matter what the source of that infection may be.

No matter what kind of beetle you’re being infested with, or the extent of the damage caused, if you’re experiencing a problem with timber infestation then we can help.


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A Fast and Efficient Service

We know that when it comes to removing woodworm and other timber infestations, time is of the essence.  That’s why we aim to provide a service that is as speedy and cost effective as possible: removing timber infestations now can help save the expense of more costly timber structural repairs later.  Ridding your property of woodworm doesn’t have to be a traumatic process.  Our fast and efficient service uses the latest technology, and with our non-flammable, low odour and low hazard insecticides, you can be back in a room that we have treated within an hour.

If you have very severe woodworm damage then our experienced and professional team will remove and replace any damaged timbers as quickly and efficiently as possible, to a time scale that best suits your unique and specific needs.


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Could you be suffering with timber infestation?


Do you live in the North East or North West and suspect you might have woodworm?  Would you like the reassurance of having your home surveyed by experts with years of experience?  With decades of expertise working across the North East and North West to remove timber infestation, we can help.

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