Wall Tie Corrosion

something you never have to think about until yours fail

They are metal ties which connect at regular intervals the outer and inner leaves of a cavity wall, and ensure that it is structurally sound. Unfortunately, in many properties built before 1981, the wall ties simply aren’t robust enough, leaving them prone to failure and corrosion.


Do you suspect that your wall ties are failing?

Here are some tell-tale signs

  • horizontal and stepped cracking in your masonry
  • the lifting of roof edges
  • internal cracks in your property
  • bulging of your walls in very severe cases

If your property has any of these symptoms then it’s time to get in touch with P. Moody Building Contracts.  With over 35 years of industry experience, we are experts in surveying, diagnosing and then repairing wall tie corrosion as quickly and conveniently as possible.

If you spot any of these signs it’s time to get in touch!


More Information

Using specialist skills and equipment; metal detectors and Endoscope cameras, there is no property type that we cannot inspect.  We will then send you a full report on the level of your corrosion, advising you on the remedial treatment you need and breaking down our competitive costs for your repairs.

If your wall ties show signs of corrosion then they need to be replaced.  As experts in wall tie corrosion and replacement, we can ensure that your new ties are inserted into your walls in accordance with current building regulations and code of practice. As we are able to provide both surveys and repairs, you only have to work with one contractor and your job can be completed much more quickly.


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Suspicious your wall ties might be corroding?


Do you live in the North East, North West or Cumbria or Yorkshire and suspect your wall ties might be corroding?  Would you like the reassurance of having your home surveyed by local experts with a wide range of experience?  With decades of expertise working across the North of England to remedy wall tie corrosion, we can help.

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