Wet Rot

Wet rot grows and spreads quickly!

Wet Rot is a serious problem in any property, no matter what it’s size and age. Wet rot grows and spreads quickly, leading to structural decay and can lead to health problems for the residents living within the property. That’s why we believe the best thing you can do if you suspect you have Wet Rot in your home is call Peter Moody Building Contracts for expert advice and a solution for its’ repair.

Spot the Symptoms of Wet Rot

  • Timbers within your home cracking or shrinking,
  • Timber developing a grey film with patches of purple or yellow,
  • Timber covered in red or orange dust,
  • Finding orange spores

Wet rot is a kind of fungus that attacks timber when it becomes damp: wet rot requires damp conditions to thrive, which is why we often see the problem alongside other issues, such as Dry Rot and Rising Damp.  No matter how severe your wet rot problem, the good news is that with the right kind of expert support it can be remedied in a fast, efficient and cost-effective way.


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More Information

Not sure if the problem in your property is Wet Rot?  Some tell-tale signs of the problem include timber that is cracking, or becoming soft and crumbling.  Visible spores and acrid smells coming from the timber are also common symptoms of Wet Rot.

At P. Moody Building Contracts we are happy to assess your timber and determine whether your problem is Wet Rot, before putting together a plan of action for removing it from your home, at a competitive price.  What’s more, most of our work comes with a 20 year guarantee, meaning you can be sure when we remove your Wet Rot problem, it will stay gone for years to come.



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Could your property be suffering with Wet Rot?


As the North East’s, North West’s, Yorkshire and Cumbria’s experts in Wet Rot diagnosis and removal, if you suspect you have a problem with Wet Rot in your property, or a property that you manage then why not give us a call?  With our 35 years’ experience in the industry, working in Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester, Yorkshire and beyond, there is no one better placed to quickly and conveniently rid your home of rot.

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